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1 Dead Cows for Piranhas
"A Perilous Journey Inside the Drug Trade A high-octane journey into the brutal underworld of the South African and transnational drug trade. Journalist Hazel Friedman was on assignment in Thailand to document the stories of the increasing number of South Africans convicted as drug mules when she made a horrifying discovery
2 Outlaws Inc:
Flying with the World's Most Dangerous Smugglers. In the world's most dangerous trouble spots, a small band of men risk their lives to fly in desperately needed aid. But they are not heroes. Their giant ex-Soviet cargo planes are also riddled with secret compartments, which they fill with drugs, guns, money or people.
3 The Street
There are no villains here. Award-winning journalist Paul McNally finds corrupt cops, drug dealers, vigilante residents, addicts, torturers, murderers and cops partnered with drug dealers. But no villains.
4 The Shadow World
"An authoritative guide to the business of war. Chilling, heartbreaking, and enraging."---Arundhati Roy
5 To Catch a Cop
This book is an account of forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan’s role in helping nail South Africa’s most powerful policeman: Jackie Selebi, former police chief and head of Interpol. Based on thousands of pages of e-mails, statements, affidavits, letters, press reports, court records, and transcripts as well as interviews with O’Sullivan himself, this version provides a perspective from his point of view as a key player in the saga.