Drugs: A South African setter tells how she was used to deceive the ADSU

Written by on 18 October 2010.

Smugglers transporting some drugs are arrested while the real traffickers with larger quantities of heroin are easily Mauritius. Brigene Young, a setter used as a decoy, told the South African Press Association how she got caught.

In an article in the online version of Daily Times, spent Brigene Young, the mother of a ferryman explains how smugglers - with three pounds of drugs - are used as decoys to distract police. While the real smugglers who transport some 10 kilos of drugs were able to elude the vigilance of customs officers and policemen at the airport Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. collected the reaction of a former officer of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU), recently transferred to another unit of the police force, about the use of smugglers to divert attention. According to our interlocutor, ADSU took time to understand the modus operandi of traffickers.

"That's when many South African citizens, men and women, were arrested following information received, we understood they were used to divert attention," he says. He added: "Given the way most of these smugglers were recruited and given the meager cargo that one or the other was, we became interested in other passengers during one or any of these flights, "said our interlocutor.

"I do not remember the case of Brigene Young, but there is the case of a smuggler with 15 grams of heroin that we had put a flea in his ear. He was arrested and convicted. But thanks to him we had put the collar of a bigger fish, "says the former officer ADSU.

Brigene Young was sentenced by Judge Premila Balgobin, to seven years in prison in May 2006 for importing 896.9 grams of heroin. She returned to South Africa last Saturday, after serving his sentence. She says in the online version of Daily Times, dated Sunday, October 17, how she got caught.

The young woman, arrested March 11, 2003 at the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport, pleaded guilty at his trial. The drug was discovered in his shoes by the ADSU. Brigene Young waited three years before his trial in 2006. It is Friday, October 15, early afternoon, we taught him to prison she must prepare for it was her home.

After spending seven years in prison in Mauritius, she invites his younger compatriots, in his interview with the Times, not to be trapped as it was to avoid going to join the 28 other South African smugglers who languish in jails in Mauritius. In this instance, refuse any offers of free holidays in Mauritius provided to deliver a package.

Brigene Young recalled that in 2003 when she was 20, she had just lost his mother and that she and her fiancé had broken, she was approached by a customer of the bar where she worked, for a vacation together Mauritius.

The day of departure, he tells her he could not leave and saw that all fees had been paid, he asked to go on holiday but only gave him the shoes she was wearing on the plane. She asked if drugs were concealed there. He replied that it was better than she knows nothing.

And she flew knowing she had to return the shoes to someone at the hotel where a room had been reserved. She could not reach to the hotel because she was arrested at the airport SSR. The police said they were waiting.

She said she learned from other inmates that she had exactly the same shoes they wore when they were arrested for drug trafficking at the airport SSR. Brigene Young adds that almost half of setters came from South Africa, Madagascar, Uganda, Seychelles, Kenya, Zambia and France.