What is a DRUG MULE and WHY do people do this?

The transportation of illegal substances across most borders in the world is a criminal offence, that carries serious consequences. A "mule" is a person who transports drugs across international borders.

The risks are extremely high, some countries carry the death penalty, jail sentences are lengthy and the prison conditions in countries where trafficking is common are usually inhumane and barbaric ... so why on earth would a person take such a risk?

MONEY: The average payment for a Mule is US$3000 and US$5000 per trip which, in poor countries is a LOT of money. For some, this is equivalent to three years salary! Not every poor person becomes a mule but the numbers are growing.

ADDICTION: When a person crosses that invisible line into addiction their mental reasoning begins to flail as the addiction takes over. An addict will borrow or steal money to support their habit, they lose jobs, friends, family. We have heard the same story told over and over ...  he/she lost EVERYTHING to addiction... jobs, cars, houses, wealth, friends, family... and the final blow comes when a desperate person does a really stupid thing and becomes a mule. Not every addict will become a mule and not every mule is caught but the reality is that the numbers of addicts who do, is growing!

HOW THEY DO IT: Mules carry drugs strapped to their bodies, in their stomach, in luggage, in shoe soles, in shampoo bottles, and any other way they can think of to conceal contraband while trying to beat the system. Some mules hide the drugs in condoms that have been surgically implanted under the skin!  In many airports x-ray machines have become a common sight with people's stomachs being x-rayed as they go through. Pregnant women cannot be subjected to an x-ray so they make great mules. There have been reports of people smuggling drugs inside the gutted bodies of dead human babies, dead puppies, even live snakes!  Getting your drugs to you is a sick business, isn't it?

What does a good drug mule look like?
Get up and go stand in front of the nearest mirror... THAT is what a drug mule looks like. The girl next door, the mom, the uncle, even the granny and lets not forget the geeky looking guy from the video store. There is no 'look' for a mule. Times have changed and authorities are checking everyone, especially the least-likely looking folk.

Is it worth the risk? cocaine in condoms cocaine found in xray
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The authorities KNOW what they are looking for.