Your Embassy - The Shocking Truth!

This section of the Locked Up website has been somewhat neglected. While it is not in the interests of the families to create an undesireable state of affairs, the families and friends of South African Citizens locked up in foreign countries wishes to publically state that dealing with the SA Embassy and Foreign Office can only be described as hugely disappointing and frustrating.

There is a strong element of disinterest from our own authorities. SA Embassy Offices the world over are unwilling to pay adequate visits to inmates, nor do they offer protection or human rights for it's citizens.

Venezuela  -  SA Embassy, Caracas:
<quote>  "She is in Puerto Ordaz which is 400km from Caracas so we can only visit her once a year"  The Embassy has not assisted AT ALL with getting money to this inmate, nor have they assisted with advice about legal representation.   

USA - Mississippi

<quote> "During the Mandela Government my son was visited regularly by the SA Embassy Representative. During the Mbeki Government of almost four years, he has been visited ONCE! I appreciate that the USA Prisons system holds true to humane treatment of inmates despite the usual Predator/Prey issues. Having dealt with the SA Embassy and the Foreign Office I shudder to think how these inmates are coping in the prisons of underdeveloped countries. The refusal of our own Government to sign onto the Multi-Lateral Agreement is appalling "  (Mother of inmate)

<quote> "I send money to my son every month and the DFA does not always get it to him on time as they say they will. When I enquire about the delay I am told he has received the money. When I speak to my son he says he has not received it"  (Mother of inmate)


<quote> "The King of Thailand told us to bring him a letter of support from the SA Government and he would grant a Royal Pardon and free the my brother. Nelson Mandela and other politicians have agreed with this notion, however, the South African Government has  REFUSED without due reason. My brother is one of the longest serving Westoners in a Thai prison."